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COVID-19 Research

We are leading the way in the fight against COVID-19 through scientific discovery.

During this pandemic, we offer hope through our tireless commitment to research and our dedication to finding a cure for this disease. Hundreds of experts are working together to help prevent, treat and cure COVID-19. Much of this research is done in conjunction with other academic health systems around the country; and still others are done here locally.

Convalescent Plasma Donation

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UC Health, the University of Cincinnati and Hoxworth Blood Center are performing research to learn about COVID-19 through the use of convalescent plasma. UC Health recently began collecting serum from patients who recovered in order to treat other severely ill patients and to see if the number of complications they experience are reduced.

If you or someone you know has COVID-19 or has recovered from COVID-19, we need your help. Your donation could help save lives.

Authoring Breakthroughs

Providing Hope for Today’s Uncertainties

UC Health and the University of Cincinnati have long led the way in the region for innovation in medicine. Many recognizable and widely used treatments and protocols, including the development of Benadryl and the acronym FAST (F-face, A-arm, S-speech, T-time – used to identify signs of a stroke), were developed right here in Cincinnati. Today, our researchers are dedicated to finding cures and treatments for COVID-19.

Eleven researchers awarded pilot grants for COVID-19 research
Dozens of active COVID-19 clinical trials
Hundreds of COVID-19 patients successfully treated
Countless reasons for hope

COVID-19 Clinical Trials

The path to finding possible treatment options.

We now have dozens of clinical trials, projects and studies underway to help us learn more about COVID-19. Research is important because the more we know and understand about the virus, the better we are able to develop preventative measures, treatments and eventually a cure.

Innovation and Scientific Discovery

UC Health and the University of Cincinnati are at the forefront of medical science, leading the region in research, discoveries and breakthroughs. Together, we are working to find preventative options, treatments and cures for COVID-19. Together, we are offering hope to our community during this time of uncertainty.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) News

Providing Hope Through COVID-19 Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials 101: UC Health’s clinical experts continue to lead the way in finding a cure for COVID-19.

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At UC Health, we lead the region in scientific discoveries and embrace a spirit of purpose – offering our patients and their families something beyond everyday healthcare. At UC Health, we offer hope.