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Advertising Disclosure

Cincinnati's Most Preferred for Cancer Care.
NRC Health, Market Insights, Cincinnati-Middletown, FY17-21

Cincinnati's Most Preferred for Neuroscience Care.
NRC Health, Market Insights, Cincinnati-Middletown, FY17-21

Cincinnati’s #1 Preferred Weight Loss Surgery Provider.
NRC Health, Market Insights Survey, Cincinnati-Middletown, FY21

What NRC Health Is: Rooted in Human Understanding, NRC Health’s solutions give providers the insight they need for consumer-driven transformation and enable healthcare organizations to understand what matters most to each person they serve. The NRC Health Market Insights solution is the largest online healthcare-consumer perception survey in the U.S., measuring the opinions, behaviors, and profiles of healthcare consumers.

How They Survey: The survey is sent by email to a panel of individuals in Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky who have signed up to take market research surveys. 

What it Means to be #1: Being #1 preferred means that when asked which hospital or facility the consumers prefer for a service/procedure, more named UC Health than any other health system.