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Drake Center

Discharge Information

Your discharge planning should begin the day that you are admitted, or shortly thereafter. Your care team will help you and your physician guide your discharge planning, and, if needed, will coordinate your:

  • Home care.
  • Medical equipment.
  • Skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility transfer.
  • Long-term nursing home placement.
  • Hospice services.
  • Other available community resources that will help with your ongoing care and recovery.

If you have questions about any of these services, or if you need help in making decisions related to your discharge plans, please ask for a social worker. Since some resources and services may take time to arrange, it is best to start this process as early as possible in your hospital stay in order to maximize your choices.


When your physician decides you are medically stable and ready to leave the hospital, a discharge order will be written. You may need to wait until after a lab or test result is received before you are able to leave the hospital. Please check with your nurse before you make arrangements with a family member or friend for assistance returning home. Your nurse will go over your discharge instructions before you leave. The discharge process can take several hours. 

We are always concerned about you and your health, so we want to be sure that all of your healthcare needs have been met before you are discharged.


  • Have you talked with your physician about instructions on care, including medication or medical equipment you might need upon your return home?
  • Have you made transportation arrangements?
  • Have you provided all the financial information needed to assure proper payment of your bill?
  • Do you have gifts, plants, cards and any other items you brought from home?
  • Do not forget to make your follow-up appointment with your physician or clinic.


Your discharging provider and case manager will coordinate filling any prescriptions with Hoxworth Pharmacy. These prescriptions will be sent to Daniel Drake Center Pharmacy, where they will work with the nurses to deliver to the patient’s room prior to discharge. Cash and card payments will be facilitated prior to discharge.


Most falls occur in the home. You can make sure your home is safe by following these tips:

  • Make sure that you have good lighting in your home. The lighting in your home should include night lights in your bedroom, hall and restroom.
  • Rugs should be firmly fastened to the floor or have nonskid backing. Loose ends should be tacked down.
  • Electrical cords should not lay on the floor in walking areas.
  • Put handrails in your restroom for bath, shower and toilet use.
  • Don’t use stairs without rails on both sides for support. Be sure the stairs are well-lit.
  • In the kitchen, make sure items are within easy reach. Don’t store things so high that you need a step stool to reach them, or so low that you have to bend or kneel down to reach them.
  • Wear shoes with firm, nonslip soles. Avoid wearing loose-fitting slippers that could cause you to trip.


Your satisfaction is very important to UC Health, and we care about your experience. If you encountered any problems or concerns during your stay, please give us the opportunity to correct this immediately by talking to a member of your care team or a patient relations representative by calling 513-418-5919.

After you return home from the hospital, you may receive a follow-up phone call and survey regarding your experience at UC Health. Your responses are taken seriously and give us the opportunity to evaluate our quality of care and services.

We encourage your comments and appreciate the time you take to give us your input. You can help us identify areas where we can improve, as well as give us opportunities to recognize our employees.