Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants are surgically implanted devices that provide hearing to patients with severe to profound hearing loss. They are used when hearing aids are no longer adequate to obtain quality hearing, especially for communication.

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We have extensive experience treating patients with advanced hearing loss. We also have close relationships with device manufacturers so we can offer our patients the latest, most innovative technology available.

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Answers to Your Cochlear Implant Questions

A cochlear implant works by converting sound waves to electrical signals, allowing the cells in the cochlea (hearing organ) to directly process sound. This helps improve communication through better word understanding and speech clarity. 

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in the operating room and takes two to three hours. Patients will have a 2–3 inch scar along the back of the ear, about one finger away from the external ear (pinna). 

Patients may experience mild to moderate pain after surgery. Most people are able to go home the same day or before lunch the next day if no complications arise.

Conditions that can be treated with cochlear implants include sensorineural hearing loss caused by age, genetics, loud noise exposure or cochlear otosclerosis, and other hearing disorders.

The procedure is also a good option for patients with significant hearing loss that have tried hearing aids for at least three months without success.

The recovery time following surgery is about two weeks for partial recovery and two additional weeks of light/restricted activity.  

Patients will not be able to hear immediately after surgery because the implant is not activated until two weeks after surgery. Once the implant is activated, patients will be able to hear sound right away but word understanding will come with time and practice. 

In addition, each device manufacturer provides a support group that meets a minimum of four times a year.

Why UC Health

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Years of Experience

UC Health has helped improve the quality of life for more than 500 patients since 1994 with cochlear implant surgery and therapy.

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More than 90% of our cochlear implant patients report improved quality of life following surgery, and most have improved communication in social situations.

Leaders in Innovation

We’re one of only in the region to provide adult cochlear implants and the only one with hearing preservation techniques. We also rank in the top 10 programs in the U.S. and are active in clinical trials, offering patients the latest technology.

Comprehensive Care

Our team of experts includes surgeons, physicians, audiologists, speech-language pathologists and auditory rehabilitation professionals, all working together to ensure world-class care and only the best results.

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We are committed to providing optimal care to patients by collaborating with healthcare professionals throughout our community and provide several avenues for patient referrals and easy access for referring physicians and clinicians to consult with UC Health specialists.

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