UC Epilepsy Center

The Epilepsy Center is the only center for adults in Cincinnati with a Level IV rating – the highest possible — from the National Association of Epilepsy Centers (NAEC).

Patients with complex epilepsy or new-onset seizures will receive the highest level of care at UC Health. Our 13 neurologists and neurosurgeons have advanced training in epilepsy. They lead dozens of nurses, technologists and neuropsychologists to give patients world-class care.

Research is at the forefront of our efforts. Our clinical researchers have made discoveries related to:

  • new treatments for epilepsy
  • surgery for epilepsy
  • effects of stress on seizures
  • optimal treatment of epilepsy in women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy
  • depression and epilepsy
  • seizure-like attacks not related to epilepsy
  • cognitive testing that optimizes surgical treatment

Patients who recently experienced a seizure or seizure-like episode can visit our New-Onset Seizure Clinic for rapid consultation within a week of referral.

Our Epilepsy Monitoring Unit uses 24-hour EEG monitoring to diagnose and target seizures. Our imaging specialists use advanced brain-imaging techniques to locate seizures. Then, they map brain areas that control language, motor and memory functions – making surgery safer and more effective.

Our center has a 30-year history of excellence in performing epilepsy surgery procedures. Our MRI–guided, laser-based techniques decrease seizures and cut the risk to critical brain regions.

For patients not eligible for surgery, we provide new anti-seizure devices like the vagus nerve stimulator or the responsive neurostimulator.

We understand the burden epilepsy puts on patients and families. We are proud to offer an experienced team of experts using powerful technology to help you stop seizures.

Learn more about epilepsy and seizures, our treatment and service options or make an appointment to see one of our specialists.

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