College Health 101: For college-bound students & parents

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Aug 9 2014
  • Aug 9, 2014, 1:00 PM-3:30 PM
  • UC Health Women’s Center, 7675 Wellness Way, 4th Floor, West Chester, Ohio 45069

Preparing Students For A Healthy & Safe College Experience

College is a time of incredible change, growth, excitement and fun. It’s also a time where first year college-bound young adults face newfound choices and independence. Join us for a free afternoon of education and empowerment.


  • Provide vital information to educate young adults on health issues that specifically affect them
  • Empower college-bound young adults to take control and responsibility of their health as they become independent for the first time
  • Emphasize the interconnectivity of health and wellness
  • Create a safe space to talk about sensitive topics

Becoming aware, educated, making good decisions and tackling tough situations will help you take control of this new chapter in your life. Register today using the form below, or call (513) 475-UC4U (8248).

Panel Discussion, Health Information & Resources

Gynecology & Sexual Health: What Every Girl NEEDS to Know

Topics Covered: HPV, STIs, Practicing Safe Sex, Information about Contraceptives, Date Rape, Assault, Consent

Myths to Dispel: “Everyone has sex in college,” “I can’t get STIs if I’m on birth control,” “I don’t need a gynecologist if I’m not sexually active,” “If she didn’t say no, it must mean yes.”

Substance Use: Those “Crazy” College Days

Topics Covered: Binge Drinking, Knowing Your Limit, Safe Drinking tips, Drug Usage, Abusing Prescription Drugs

Myths to Dispel: “I have to drink to have fun”; “College is my time to experiment, so I can go crazy!!”; “If everyone else is doing this drug, it’s fine, right?”; “If it’s prescription, it’s not dangerous or illegal”; “If I don’t eat dinner, I can save room for more beer!”

Nutrition: Avoiding the Scale Rollercoaster

Topics Covered: Nutrition & Healthy Food Choices, Exercise

Myths to Dispel: “I’m walking everywhere, so I can eat anything,” “I shouldn’t eat today, so I can binge tonight.”

Stress & School/Life Balance: Health in Body and Mind

Topics Covered: Depression, Anxiety, Negative Body Image, Eating Disorders, Risk Factors & Warning Signs

Myths to Dispel: “Everyone at college seems so happy, I’m the only one who is unhappy,” “My roommate isn’t eating, but I don’t think I should question her,” “I can’t spend time socializing; it will interfere with my academics.”

Skin Care: Tone, Texture & Clarity

Topics Covered: Tips for taking good care of your skin, skin cancer risk factors, how nutrition affects skin

Myths to Dispel: “I don’t need to wash my face today since I didn’t wear make-up,” “I don’t need to wear sunscreen since it’s not sunny today.”

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