About Our Practice

The Face is our only Focus

Our surgeons focus on the face alone. Their education included a 5 to 6 year residency program focused entirely on surgery of the head and neck, followed by a 1 to 2 year fellowship dedicated solely on advanced facial plastic techniques. The surgeons at UC Health trained within the nation’s most prestigious institutions and have performed thousands of facial surgeries, making their expertise focused and sophisticated. This deep understanding of the face’s form, function and movement translates into predictable and natural results for our patients.

Balanced Expertise

Our physicians are both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons. The expertise possessed for complex reconstructive surgery enhance a surgeon’s ability to create sound, safe, and lasting results in cosmetic surgery. The converse is also true: reconstructive surgical outcomes are improved when a surgeon is skilled in cosmetic surgery. We understand that the best cosmetic surgeons are also leading reconstructive surgeons, and that the finest reconstructive surgeons also excel in cosmetic surgery.


Cutting Edge Technology

With our association with University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, we have access to cutting edge technology to improve our patients’ outcomes. We are the only group in the region with new Palomar Icon laser and optimized pulsed light technology that allows our surgeons to treat scar, sun damage, wrinkles, and facial vessels with minimal downtime. Additionally we offer the Vectra 3D imaging system to allow our surgeons to optimally track results and communicate effectively with our patients.

Safety and Privacy

We may have moved out of Clifton into our private, state-of-the-art suite conveniently located in West Chester, Ohio, but the safety and credibility of UC Health remains a vital part of our practice. Patients have access to the accomplished and experienced peri-operative teams of UC Health to assure the safest possible environment. Meanwhile our new suite is both warm and private to help our patients feel comfortable during a visit.