Galvanic Facial Treatments

The Galvanic current which flows through the skin, forms a circuit between the active electrodes and the indifferent electrode, causing active substances to pass into the epidermis of the skin, on the galvanic charge. The active electrodes on the galvanic charge, can be either positive or negative, and the substances pushed into the skin will be positively or negatively charged.

If the substance has positive ions, the active electrode must also be positive, so that they will repel each other, therefore the galvanic charge will push the substance deeper into the skin towards the indifferent electrode, which is held in the clients hand, to complete the circuit. The negative electrode, is used with a gel containing negative ions, the indifferent electrode is always used to complete the circuit.

General Effects of the Galvanic Current

  • Galvanic increases the circulation, acts as a tonic to the skin, improving its color.
  • Galvanic is soothing; fluid in the tissues is drawn to the negative pole, which is called electro-osmosis. When the positive pole is used over an area, waste products and fluid in the tissues is drawn away from the area, relieving tension.
  • Galvanic causes relaxation; warmth is produced inside the tissues, promoting relaxation. Galvanic plumps up the tissues, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.