Permanent Makeup – Micropigmentation

micropigmentationMicropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure where pigment is safely micro-inserted into the epidermal layer of skin in areas where additional color is desired.

Permanent Makeup Micropigmentation – Most commonly known as a tattoo procedure in the application of color for brows, eyeliner, and lip color. After a thorough consultation, the color is applied only in the way that meets the desire of the client. While the color is applied as soft or as vibrant as needed, the client also makes the final decision of the shaping of color in all cases. With the actual treatment, the skin is cleansed with an anti-bacterial cleanser and then numbed with the patient’s choice of topical numbing cream or lidocaine injection.

Once the skin is prepared, the color is then applied. At the completion of the color application, an antibiotic ointment is placed on the skin and ice is given to calm the area of mild swelling at the site. Depending on the individual’s response and the actual location of color application, mild swelling can occur for 12-24 hours. Before and after photos are taken to document results and client’s are given written care instructions with a packet of needed supplies for their home care. The client then schedules their next appointment for 6 weeks out to have the necessary second application of color. There is no additional cost for the second application as it is included with the initial service price. Without the second application, the color tends to fade more quickly thus having an undesirable result. This appointment also gives the client the opportunity to make adjustments, if needed and within reason, to the color and/or shape.

The pigment within the skin from the first application acts as “a magnet” for the second application which results in more consistent and thorough color retention. With the exception to avoid chlorinated water, hot tubs & swimming pools, and to refrain from applying any cleansing products or makeup to or around the area of pigmentation for 7 days, there is little to no down time after the procedure. When scheduling your appointment it is good to keep in mind your social calendar and refrain from scheduling your appointment within one week of any special events.

ParaMedical Micropigmentation – Using the same steps from the permanent makeup applications, these treatments offer the option of adding color for hypopigmented scars and areola (nipple) color depletion or loss. This is a great option for the breast reduction and breast reconstruction patients who seek shape and color application for areola restoration after surgery.