PhotoFacial Treatments – Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

Intense Pulse Light (IPL), also called Photo-rejuvenation PhotoFacial, has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments. The daily pleasures and stresses of life, and as time passes, cause our skin to appear older. IPL is a non-ablative, non-wounding laser treatment customized to your needs, with superior results and satisfaction, and your skin feels smoother and more evenly toned after only one treatment.

IPL treatments uses intense visible pulsed light to effectively treat skin conditions. The experienced physician operating a pulsed light device can customize settings to select the wavelengths, number of pulses, duration of pulses, delay between pulses, and power delivered to best match the relative depth, size, and absorption characteristics of the imperfection.

The process begins with a consultation and a treatment plan. A treatment schedule is designed for specific skin types and areas that will respond best to IPL technology. The informed consent process involves a discussion of the procedure, enumeration of risks, discussion of anticipated results, and presentation of alternative options. During this consultation, you have an opportunity to ask questions. Your understanding of benefits and risks is necessary for informed consent to take place.

An IPL treatment package consists of a series of five to eight treatments. A series of at least five treatments is needed to obtain the best results. Some patients may benefit from more treatments, depending on the severity of the condition treated. Treatments are given 3-4 weeks apart.