UC Headache & Facial Pain Center

The UC Headache and Facial Pain Center is the most comprehensive adult center in the Tristate, providing advanced care to help eliminate or reduce head and facial pain. We are the only Cincinnati health system with four certified headache physicians, and care for more headache patients than any other center in the region.

At UC Health, you can expect:

  • The academic difference. As Cincinnati’s only academic health system, we integrate today’s promising research advances (often from our own clinical trials) into your care, giving you the most cutting-edge treatments possible.
  • Nationally acclaimed doctors. Our physicians lead national headache and facial pain organizations, advocating for patients, building awareness and driving research for potential cures.
  • Trailblazing treatments. Specialists at UC Health play a leading role in the prevention of headaches and facial pain, as well as the development of innovative new treatments.

The UC Headache and Facial Pain Center offers hope to people who suffer from pain and haven’t found adequate relief. Our center brings together some of the nation’s foremost experts on headache and facial pain in a unique and rare program designed to bring answers and healing.

This unique program guides patients to the most effective specialist and offers a complete range of treatments. At UC Health, physicians with advanced expertise work as a team. As part of an academic medical center involved in education and pioneering research, UC Health Headache and Facial Pain Center delivers collaborative, patient-centered care.

Learn more about the different types of headache and facial pain, our comprehensive treatment and services or make an appointment with one of our prominent specialists.

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