Mindfulness Meditation for Optimal Health – Neurological Disorders- 4 Week Series (July)

Date(s) - 07/01/2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Virtual Event


Mindfulness Meditation For Optimal Health

The impact of a neurologic illness or injury can create chronic stress, and most patients, caregivers, and loved ones are not equipped with the tools to cope with this chronic stress. Mindfulness meditation is an evidence-based technique that can help individuals shift their relationship to stress through present movement, non-judgmental awareness. It is a practice of focusing on a neutral point and bringing thoughts back as the mind wanders. It involves mental training by deliberately focusing on the here and now without judging our feelings as good or bad. It is observation without criticism; being compassionate with yourself and others.

There is growing evidence that supports the use of mindfulness-based interventions as an adjunct for alleviation of mental and physical symptoms associated with a neurological condition including pain management and symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression. Mindfulness practice has also been found to increase acceptance and help individuals shift their experience with suffering by bringing their focus into the present moment.

Learning and practicing mindfulness may provide patients with a new skill to cope with the uncertainty and stressors that a neurological condition bring. Developing awareness this way helps to settle the mind and to minimize distractions.

Additional Benefits of Practicing Meditation:

• Improves focus and reduces chaotic thinking • Helps you cope with pain and fear • Strengthens your immune system • Helps stabilize emotions and creates resiliency • Reduces stress, anxiety and depression • Helps improve sleep • Increases peace of mind, optimism and self-worth, confidence • Improves confidence and concentration • Decreases heart rate, blood pressure, and levels of cortisol • Reduces sympathetic arousal

We are excited to offer a 4 session weekly virtual series to our patients and their significant others. Each session will be educational and experiential and will provide time to discuss best practices.

Session 1: Introduction to Mindfulness
Session 2: Increasing Awareness
Session 3: Building resilience, compassion and creativity
Session 4: Creating acceptance

We encourage you to join the entire series, but you are also welcome to join these sessions individually.

About your Instructor:

Meriden McGraw is the Director of the Workplace Mindfulness Team at The University of Cincinnati Center for Integrative Health & Wellness. Meriden combines her master’s level education in mental and public health with her training in mind-body modalities, including mindfulness and positive psychology, to teach individuals and groups techniques for optimal wellbeing. Meriden has worked with a variety of populations such as professional athletic teams including both the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns, Fortune 500 Companies, C-suite leadership teams, human resource departments, veterans, mental health professionals, families, and adolescents. Meriden’s mission is to make these techniques simple and applicable for life in the 21st century so she can help her clients be their best selves personally and professionally, thus enhancing overall organizational performance, and societal wellbeing.

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