Five Reasons She’s Here

Susan Duncan, bachelor’s trained registered nurse, serves as UC Health’s heart transplant coordinator. During her 14-months in this critical position, she’s had the chance to reflect on her role.

Below are five reason why Duncan loves what she does:

  1. “I am here because of my relationships with patients and colleagues.”
  2. “I am here because every time I ask our first transplanted patient how he is, and he tells me he is ‘fine and dandy, sweet as candy, and perfect in every way,’ I feel joy because he got his life back.”
  3. I am here because, when I hear a post-transplant patient talk to a listed patient who has been struggling to cope effectively with his illness, and I then hear the struggling patient say he is hopeful again and wants to do what he needs to so he can finally get a transplant, I too am hopeful.”
  4. “I am here because I have a sign above my desk that reads, ‘You will never have this day again, so make it count,’ and I am driven by those words.”
  5. “I am here because I believe in the power of academic medicine and the promise it holds.”

Now We Join in Celebration

As we celebrate 50 years of providing excellence in transplantation, breakthrough treatments and compassionate coordination of care to the region, we invite you to join us in a 50-day countdown to the anniversary of the first surgery that launched Cincinnati’s most comprehensive transplant program.

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