A First-Hand Look at Transplant

For several years now, Cincinnati-area high school students have been offered a first-hand look at UC Health’s transplant program.

Through the Health Collaborative’s TAP MD program, local students have traveled to UC Medical Center to watch a portion of a transplant surgery live via video feed.

In 2017, nearly 50 students—some with their parents—watched from UC Medical Center’s century-old surgical amphitheater as a kidney was retrieved from a living donor. UC Health transplant surgeon Tayyab Diwan, MD, associate professor of surgery at UC, offered a play-by-play of the procedure. Diwan serves as the TAP MD program’s physician champion.

TAP MD is a year-long program designed to help exceptionally talented high school students “tap” into their potential to fulfill careers in medicine by providing exposure and experiences that will spark an interest in the medical field.

For more information about UC Health transplant services, please visit uchealth.com/transplant.

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