Lap-Band® Surgery

The Lap-Band® is a very popular weight loss surgery and more than 650,000 Lap-Band surgeries have been performed worldwide. It was approved in the US by the FDA in 2001 – the first band introduced to United States. The Lap-Band system was recently approved by the FDA for patients with a BMI as low as 30 with one or more obesity-related diseases. This has opened up the possibility of weight loss surgery to millions more Americans who might not have considered it as an option before.

How It Works

The band is placed around the top of the stomach and tightened to form two connected stomach chambers. The upper, smaller stomach becomes the primary receptacle for food, helping patients feel full sooner and therefore eat less and lose weight. The band is adjustable to help patients eat just the right amount of food to keep them on their weight loss track. The Lap-Band is a minimally invasive procedure, requiring only fine tiny incisions in the abdomen.


The Lap-Band system offers a comprehensive aftercare program called My Lap-Band Journey. Patients who are considering Lap-Band can ask us about this program before they undergo the procedure to help them understand what life will be like after surgery.

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