Treatments & Services

UC Health Diabetes and Pregnancy Program

With diabetes on the rise, the number of pregnancies complicated by this condition has increased, too. Women suffering type 1, type 2 or gestational mellitus diabetes can turn to the UC Health Diabetes and Pregnancy Program (DAPP) for help. We work with you on either an inpatient or outpatient basis, as needed.

This family-centered program teaches women to manage the disease in conjunction with pregnancy. The team that looks after you is made up of maternal-fetal physicians, nurses, dieticians and social workers help you quickly gain tight control of your blood sugar levels to protect both you and your baby. We champion the latest medicines and technologies, including continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS) and the insulin pump.

For women at risk for gestational mellitus diabetes (GMD), early detection and treatment lead to better outcomes. By providing the right care at the right time, we can reduce the chances that a woman with GMD will deliver a large baby, since newborns over nine pounds face their own set of health complications. We can also help our patients avoid the threat of preeclampsia, a dangerous form of high blood pressure.

UC Health’s DAPP is recognized by the American Association of Diabetes Educators for its effective health management and successful outcomes, thanks to our:

  • Comprehensive prenatal care
  • Pre-pregnancy counseling
  • Healthy eating and exercise coaching
  • Medication scheduling
  • Blood sugar control
  • Stress management

We also work closely with infectious disease specialists to manage pregnancies complicated by HIV, and heart specialists for pregnancies complicated by heart disease.

Unprecedented Views with the Latest Technology

Ultrasound exams are essential to the diagnoses of high-risk pregnancies. Our MFM team uses fetal echocardiography and 4D ultrasound, which give us unprecedented views into the womb.

Diagnostic ultrasound during the first trimester helps us screen for possible genetic disorders such as Down syndrome. Fetal MCA Doppler analysis has also allowed our team to assess the developing baby without the need for invasive testing.

Our fetal physicians are experienced in procedures such as percutaneous blood sampling (PUBS), intrauterine fetal transfusion, fetal shunt procedures and the full range of surgical options through our partnership with the Fetal Care Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Discovery-driven Medicine: MFM Research Activity

New treatments in the care of women and their babies result from the disciplined investigation of the common and uncommon problems of pregnancy. Our division is actively involved in research designed to find ways to improve outcomes, so we can share those discoveries with the global medical community. Discovery-driven medicine is an important part of UC Health’s commitment to excellent care.