UC Memory Disorders Center

The UC Memory Disorders Center employs the latest technologies and therapies to diagnose and treat hundreds of adult patients from across the Greater Cincinnati region each year. Our physicians are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and non-Alzheimer’s dementia, including impairment resulting from cerebrovascular disease and hydrocephalus. We also specialize in diagnosing and treating rare cognitive diseases, such as primary progressive aphasia, frontotemporal dementia and autoimmune encephalopathy.

A comprehensive neurologic evaluation can establish an accurate diagnosis early in the clinical course, which may allow you or your loved one to preserve cognitive function or delay the onset of major symptoms. Our specialists use a comprehensive evaluation to identify medical conditions that may be contributing to an individual’s symptoms. Sleep apnea, diabetes, vitamin deficiency or chronic infections are some examples of potentially treatable medical conditions that lead to cognitive impairment, and management of cardiovascular or stroke risk factors can help protect against additional cerebrovascular damage. In some patients, treatment of medical conditions may result in substantial improvement in their cognitive and behavioral symptoms.

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