Allergy & Sinus

You Needn’t Be a Victim of Allergy and Sinus Problems

You needn’t be a victim of allergy and sinus problems that can include more than the usual sneezing and itchy nose, eyes and throat. Many people who have allergies have more compromising symptoms including fatigue, difficulty concentrating and lost productivity at work or school. About 80 to 90 percent of our patients report significant improvement of all of their symptoms.

If you have symptoms that aren’t relieved or recurr after temporary relief, or you don’t feel as if you have received the help you need, please schedule an appointment with specialists at UC Health. We’ll apply our thorough diagnostic approach to your case, uncover the reasons for your discomfort and present solutions for your consideration. We are committed to finding the answers to your unique allergy and sinus situation, and providing exactly the care you need.

No Stone Unturned in Your CaseAllergy and Sinus

Our physicians are ‘sinus detectives’. We leave no stone unturned in getting to the bottom of your allergy and sinus problems.

Our otolaryngologists (ENT physicians and surgeons) are specialty trained in all aspects of the structure and function of the nose and sinuses, including allergy and immunology, infectious diseases, cancer and noncancerous tumors, trauma and birth defects affecting the head and neck region. That means we’re experts in both what affects you from the outside and what affects you from the inside ¾ your body’s own structures. You’re a complex being. Care at UC Health is focused on treating you as a whole, not just one isolated part of you.

Comprehensive, Whole Body Approach

At UC Health, our comprehensive, whole body approach involves the following steps ¾ all provided in one location for your convenience:

  • A thorough patient history to learn about your past and current sinus difficulties. We ask you detailed questions about your environment and changes in your environment to identify clues about your condition. And we listen to you to make sure we understand your concerns.
  • Complete examination of your head and neck to identify structural issues that cause or contribute to your sinus problems, including traumatic injuries, tumors and congenital (from birth) factors.
  • Allergy evaluation including skin and/or blood testing. Not everyone’s sinus problems are allergy related. And your allergies can change over time. We remove any allergy mystery with comprehensive testing.
  • Taste and smell testing to evaluate problems with these senses.
  • Breathing testing (spirometry) for asthma patients who have allergy and sinus issues.
  • State-of-the-art medication options including prescription drugs, guidance with over-the-counter options, allergy shots and oral immunotherapy.
  • Surgical options: We are often referred patients who have had surgery elsewhere and still have significant disease and require more complicated revision surgery. We’re pleased to help those patients and those who are having surgery for the first time.
    • Endoscopic sinus surgery with all of the latest minimally invasive technology, including 3-D image guidance.
    • Balloon sinuplasty, a less-invasive procedure that effectively relieves symptoms of chronic sinusitis in many patients with less severe disease but persistent pressure, pain and obstruction. We’ve performed about 100 of these newer procedures, including some in-office.
  • Easy, seamless access to other specialists, including our dermatologists, pulmonologists (lungs) and now even complementary and alternative medicine practitioners to help address all of your needs.

Everything That’s Current and Proven

ENT sinus and allergy specialists at UC Health have an average of more than 20 years of experience each. Because UC Health is associated with a major university, we conduct innovative research, publish research findings to share with others in medicine and teach the next generation of physicians. This means we are on the cutting edge of the field and offer you everything that’s current and proven in sinus and allergy care.

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