Head and Neck Cancer

The Only Place to Be

Unlike some other cancers, head and neck cancers can affect your appearance, swallowing, speech and senses. We’re very sensitive to that. We start working with you on day one to develop a plan to restore you to wholeness.

If you have been diagnosed with a head and neck cancer, UC Health is where you want to be treated.

  • We’re specialized. We’re the only hospital in the region that provides care for head and neck cancers from surgical oncologists who treat only these cancers.
  • We have the highest level of training. Our head and neck cancer surgical oncologists are fellowship trained and are active in advancing the science and patient care of head and neck cancer.
  • We do it all. We are unique in the region in providing care for conditions ranging from the uncomplicated and more common to the highly complex and rare. We offer comprehensive head and neck specialized services to make sure all of your needs are met in one place ⎯ surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, medical oncology, plastic surgery, dentistry, nutrition therapy, speech therapy, specialized nursing care, social work and so much more. Conditions we treat include:
    • Oral cavity cancer (tongue, jaw, lip, cheek, hard palate)
    • Throat cancer (tonsil, base of tongue)
    • Voice box cancer
    • Nose and sinus cavity cancer
    • Skull base cancer
    • Salivary gland cancer
    • Thyorid and parathyroid gland cancer
    • Complicated skin cancers of the head and neck including cutaneous melanoma
  • We offer robotic surgery. We’re the only ones in the tri-state region who are certified to use the daVinci Surgical System for transoral robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is associated with better outcomes and faster recovery. We use it to treat esophageal cancer, laryngeal cancer, oropharyngeal cancer and parapharyngeal space tumors (skull base tumors).
  • We talk to each other. Our head and neck surgeons work hand in hand with the other team members involved in your care. Our weekly head and neck tumor board meets weekly to talk about cases ⎯ your case. Our specialists in head and neck cancer compare notes and discuss options to present to you. Two heads are better than one. Six to eight are even better.
  • We provide the reconstructive care you need after your cancer is treated. We’re the only otolaryngology oncology specialists within 100 miles of Cincinnati that perform head and neck reconstruction. This includes complicated microvascular free flap procedures (using tissue from other parts of the body to recontruct the jaw).
  • We do a lot. Studies show that patients who have surgery at centers that perform many procedures have better results. We do more procedures than any other facility in the region.

UC Health head and neck cancer specialists are here for you, prepared to provide exactly what your unique condition requires.

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