Hearing Aids

Hearing loss can greatly affect your quality of life. Difficulties with hearing may lead to social withdrawal, anxiety, depression, trouble at work or stress with family.

Advances in devices and techniques to enhance hearing have made it possible for our audiologists and otolaryngology (ENT) physicians at UC Health Audiology and Hearing Aids to help nearly everyone we see to achieve some hearing improvement.

We offer you the expertise, time and attention required to give you the best possible hearing experience.


Why Choose UC Health Audiology for Your Hearing Aid?

  • Professional training. We have a team of audiologists with master’s and doctoral degrees who have extensive knowledge of hearing problems and underlying causes of these problems. They can determine when a hearing aid is the best choice for you, help you select a device that suits you and refer you to an ENT specialist if you need further evaluation.
  • Wide selection of devices. Technology is constantly changing, and we stay on the pulse of the latest advances in hearing devices. We are not limited to selling a particular brand of hearing aid, so we can recommend the best hearing aid and features for you from among dozens of manufacturers.
  • Free consultation and follow-up. Our personalized service includes a free one-hour consultation following your hearing test to discuss your budget, lifestyle and goals for hearing. We also provide free follow-up maintenance on your device to keep it in good working order.
  • Access to top medical doctors. If you have underlying medical issues, our audiologists will make timely referrals to the area’s top otolaryngology experts. Our ENT physicians can further evaluate you and address conditions with a number of options.


Hearing Testing and Consultation

 At your first appointment, your audiologist will conduct comprehensive testing of your hearing to determine the degree and type of hearing loss, as well as measure the function and reflexes of your middle ear. You will sit in a test booth and wear headphones or earphones, depending on the particular test. The testing takes about 20 to 30 minutes.

Once you have completed testing, your audiologist will sit down with you to discuss:

  • Your listening needs – For example, how often are you in a quiet space at home or a public place with lots of noise? How often do you listen to music, talk on the phone or watch TV?
  • Your physical capabilities – Do you have any limitations in hand movement or coordination that would make it difficult for you to adjust your hearing aid by hand or change small batteries?
  • Your budget – Hearing aids typically are not covered by insurance, but we recommend that you check your plan. We offer competitively priced devices and work with you to accommodate your budget.


Selecting a Hearing Aid 

As part of your consultation, your audiologist will provide you with a wide range of options for hearing aid devices. You can rely on us to know the most current devices and developments in features and technology.

All devices we sell are digital, and many have advanced features such as noise reduction, directional microphones, feedback cancellation, wireless coupling with telephone and television and remote control to adjust settings. Some hearing devices can be paired with an iPhone and controlled with an app.

Top manufacturers we work with include:

  • Phonak
  • Resound
  • Siemens
  • Starkey
  • Widex
  • Oticon

We also work with dozens of smaller manufacturers, such as Rexton, Sonic Innovations, Unitron and Microtech. We’ll offer you suggestions to help you select a hearing aid that’s best for you.


Fitting and Follow-Up

Once we order your hearing device, it will take one to two weeks for your customized hearing aid to be made and delivered. We’ll schedule you back for a fitting, and provide thorough instructions about how to use the device and clear information about what you can expect from your device.

Although most of our clients are pleased with their new hearing aid, we offer a 30-day trial period, and you can return your hearing device during that time if you are not satisfied.

We provide routine maintenance of your hearing aid every six months, and we highly recommend that you take advantage of this service.


Implant Options to Improve Hearing

If a hearing aid will not provide you with sufficient hearing to function well, our ENT physicians can offer you other options:

Cochlear Implant. Our physicians implant an electronic device in the inner ear to represent sound and help you understand speech. Another device worn behind the ear activates the implant. This system bypasses the damaged parts of your ear and signals your auditory nerve and brain, which recognizes the signals as sound.

Baha® Bone Conduction Implant. This recently developed implant is appropriate for people with single-sided deafness, certain conductive hearing losses in the middle ear and structural problems such as closed ear canals or lack of an outer ear.

Our physicians implant a small magnet or a titanium post in the bone behind your ear. You wear an external sound processor that transmits sound through the bone to stimulate the inner ear.


Loyalty Program

Through our hearing aid loyalty program, you can refer family and friends and earn free batteries, money off future purchases, extended warranties and free wireless accessories, including a remote control.

People referred by you will receive a discount on their purchases.

Please call (513) 475-8453 to schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists. We look forward to working with you.

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