Otology and Neurotology

Hearing and Balance Disorders

Our specialists in otology and neurotology are experienced in ear problems including complex hearing and balance (vestibular) disorders and chronic ear diseases. In short, we’re experts in ear anatomy and mechanics and the conditions that can occur in them.

We Won’t Stop Until You’re Comfortable

Let us take on your problems with balance and hearing loss. We’ll listen attentively, perform a comprehensive assessment to make sure your diagnosis is precise, and patiently explain treatment options that are tailored to you. Diagnoses related to dizziness can be elusive. You may have felt misdiagnosed, unheard or even ignored. But we won’t stop until we identify the cause of your problem and make sure you understand your options and feel comfortable with next steps.

We Offer All of the Care You Need in One Place

UC Health provides all of the medical management, surgery, hearing implants and balance therapy and related care you may need in one place for your convenience. This includes state-of-the-art testing:

  • Rotational chair testing (helps to determine if dizziness is related to an inner ear or brain disorder)
  • Posturography (helps to diagnose and treat balance disorders)
  • Videonystagmyography (VNG) (tests inner ear and motor function by measuring the movements of the eyes through infrared cameras)
  • MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)
  • CT (computed tomography)

We Treat These Sometimes Difficult-to-Diagnose Conditions

UC Health Otolaryngology provides diagnosis, management and treatment for balance and hearing loss disorders including:

  • Tinnitus (ear ringing) – Therapy includes UC Health’s Tinnitus Rehabilitation Program
  • Balance disorders
  • Otosclerosis (abnormal bone growth in middle ear) – Surgical treatment includes stapedectomy
  • Conductive hearing loss (blockage of sound along the pathway to the inner ear) (placing middle ear prostheses)
  • Deafness – We offer treatment options for sudden and long-term hearing loss
  • Skull base tumors – Neurologists work closely with the neurosurgery team to treat a variety of tumors that may involve various nerves and other structures near the brainstem and middle and inner ear

We Offer Implantable Hearing Devices

We can implant hearing devices to correct various types of significant hearing loss inculding:

  • Cochlear implants
  • Bone conduction implantable hearing devices
  • Middle ear implantable hearing devices

These may be appropriate for you if you have a type of hearing loss that is not amenable to treatment with hearing aids or if you haven’t had success with hearing aids.

Our patients report finding relief from their balance and hearing loss problems 95 percent of the time. With a track record like that on your side, you can get back to normal life and connecting with others sooner.

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