Voice and Swallowing Center

We’re Passionate About Your Voice

Your voice is important to you. And it’s important to us.

Your voice is how you communicate and connect with others. When it’s compromised, you may feel isolated. Specialists in the UC Health Voice and Swallowing Center listen to your concerns and give you back your voice.

You Deserve a High-Quality Voice

Whether you use your voice in your profession or a passion, such as singing in a choir, your voice problems are serious matters to us. Many people come to UC Health after not being able to use their voice properly for years and feeling hopeless. We offer solutions for problems of any complexity. We believe you deserve a voice—a high-quality voice that allows you to express yourself.

Dual Approach is Necessary for True Relief

True relief for voice and swallowing problems involves help from both a laryngologist (ENT) and a speech therapist. This dual approach is important and is available at UC Health’s Voice and Swallowing Center. The laryngologist evaluates, diagnoses and treats your problem. The therapist teaches you techniques to help make sure preventable problems don’t recur. You might be surprised to learn that speech therapy can even treat some benign problems or reduce the size of lesions before surgery.

Specialists with Their Fingers on the Pulse of Everything Current

Not every otolaryngologist is an expert in voice disorders. Understanding precisely how a voice works is a relatively new scientific undertaking. UC Health specialists are involved in this voice and swallowing research, and we contribute to physicians’ knowledge around the world.

When you’re treated at UC Health, you can be sure you’re being cared for by specialists who have their fingers on the pulse of everything current in this complicated field, including the newest techniques.


We Can Help … Even If You’ve Been Told It’s Hopeless

No matter what ails your voice or swallowing from vocal cord (fold) paralysis and spasmodic dysphonia to laryngeal reflux and rehabilitation from cancer—UC Health’s Voice and Swallowing Center can help. Even if you’ve been told your case is hopeless. We’re just as passionate about your voice as you are.

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