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Researcher and physician standing in hallway

UC Health Helps Families Facing Huntington’s Disease Take a Significant Step Forward

Among the many movement disorders treated at UC Health, Huntington’s disease (HD) stands apart. Described as a “tragic inheritance,” it is autosomal-dominant, which means that [...]

Researcher speaks to audience

UC Researchers Help Map Future of Precision Medicine in Parkinson's Disease

Two landmark publications with one or more co-authors from the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute outline a transformative approach to defining, studying and treating [...]

Doctors present information

When a Tremor's Cure Is in the Mind

Through most of medical history it was known as “psychogenic tremor,” an uncontrolled shaking of a hand or limb that was unrelated to any detectable [...]

Four speakers at braint tumor event

2016: A Year of Progress, Healing and New Beginnings

The physicians, researchers, managers and associates of the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute say thank you to our friends who supported our tripartite mission [...]

Doctor at conference

Parkinson’s Disease: In the Future, You Won’t Take a Pill for That

Therapies for Parkinson’s disease are advancing as you read this sentence, and Aristide Merola, MD, PhD, has arrived on our shores to help ensure that [...]


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