Ady’s Story

Embracing exercise after a heart attack

ady1[1]Ady Kendler, MD, was at the gym, doing his regular exercise routine…when he had a heart attack. “I started feeling an intense back pain. I thought I had pulled a muscle. Then I realized it was something more,” Ady says. “I asked them to call an ambulance.”

We he arrived at the UC Cardiovascular Institute, doctors discovered Ady had a clot blocking one of his arteries. They were able to successfully remove the clot, and, fortunately, his heart was not damaged. Doctors told him he’d even be able to get back in the gym, and soon. His prescription for recovery was an immediate, regular exercise program in a controlled environment–otherwise known as cardiac rehabilitation, or rehab.

Ady did his cardiac rehabilitation at University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The rehab Center is furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and is known for their caring, expert support staff and for connecting patients with others who are going through similar experiences.

Ady says the group therapy nature of being around people facing similar problems was helpful. “I think the most important thing was having the support of the staff and other patients.”

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