Aimee’s Story

“They listened to my fears and guided me the entire way.”

aimee_testimonial[1]Aimee Brown was 19 weeks pregnant when she felt an intense burning in her throat. She was having trouble catching her breath, and even difficulty walking.

An echocardiogram revealed that her heart was functioning below half capacity, and that she and her baby were in danger. “It scared me because we tried for so many years to have children, and my first thought was that I was going to die,” Aimee remembers. Her doctors discovered that she had a rare disorder that was causing her heart to fail.

“To be told that your heart isn’t working well is extremely scary,” says Stephanie Dunlap, DO, Aimee’s cardiologist and director of the Institute’s Heart Failure Treatment Center. “But to be told that you have the disorder during pregnancy, which is supposed to be a happy time in your life, is even worse.”

Doctors quickly got Aimee on the proper medications, but her pregnancy was still at risk. After a thorough evaluation by a team of UC Health doctors, they decided the best option was to deliver her baby prematurely. At 31 weeks, with two cardiac catheters monitoring Aimee’s heart, her family happily welcomed baby Bayleigh Marie Brown. A short time later, Aimee had an implantable biventricular defibrillator installed to protect her from possible dangerous heart rhythms.

“I was amazed at the excellent care I received,” Aimee says. “The staff recognized my concerns throughout the entire pregnancy. They listened to my fears, and guided me the entire way.”

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