Brad Fahrenkamp’s Story

Fahrenkamp“I was married with two sons and living a fast-paced life as a financial broker. Then, at age 40, I suffered a stroke caused from a tear to a major artery that supplies blood to the brain. After being discharged from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, I came to the Daniel Drake Center for long-term outpatient therapy. I struggled with vision problems that affected my balance, reading and many other tasks that require steady vision…like golfing! With the help of Daniel Drake’s occupational and physical therapists, I gradually improved, and was able to return to work and to golfing. This entire experience forced me to re-evaluate my life priorities and strengthened my faith which fueled my recovery.”

Because Brad was an avid golfer, his therapists integrated golf into his treatment plan. As part of his recovery, they suggested that he practice his swing and putting in Daniel Drake Center’s Therapeutic Courtyard. To show his appreciation for his therapists, Brad donated a much-needed set of golf clubs and a bucket of golf balls to the Outpatient Therapy Department for future patients.

Brad’s amazing story of recovery is the subject of an Ivanhoe Broadcast News feature about the warning signs of stroke and the importance of a positive attitude during rehabilitation.

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