Family Honors NICU Team Who Cared for Preemie

At just 30 years old and already the mother of a healthy 8 year-old son, Andrea Kimmey’s second pregnancy did not start out high-risk. But when she experienced marginal placenta previa and spontaneous preterm labor, she was cared for by physicians at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC) who specialize in high-risk pregnancy.

Austin Kimmey was born at 26 weeks weighing 1 lb. 13 oz.

“The NICU saved his life on many occasions. The staff really helped us stay informed, confident and hopeful, but at the same time they were very honest,” said Andrea. “The nurses knew Austin so well and were advocates for him when we couldn’t be. They knew what he needed and helped us form his care plans. I talked with other parents who were in NICUs at different hospitals and felt they weren’t a parent there. We never felt that way at UCMC. I loved it there. We were lucky to be at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.”

Andrea spent four weeks in University of Cincinnati Medical Center, but her micro-preemie son, Austin, spent 140 days in the UCMC NICU (neonatal intensive-care unit). Andrea was continually impressed with the care Austin received. “The hospital staff was very welcoming and heartwarming. Everyone I encountered was wonderful and that says a lot, because we were there for a long time,” said Andrea.

Austin’s Birthday Celebration Honors the Care Team

The Kimmey family thinks so highly of the UCMC team they celebrated Austin’s first birthday with friends and family by making charitable gifts to the NICU in his honor. “He is so young and really doesn’t need much. These gifts were just a small token of our appreciation,” said Andrea. “Every little bit helps so why wouldn’t we give back?”

“Without the researchers and experts at UCMC, Austin wouldn’t have made it. And if they don’t have the tools or resources then innovative treatments can’t be developed,” said Andrea. “Technology is huge. Awareness brings funds. Funds bring research. And research brings hope.”

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