Kelly Marsh’s Story

“I had a hemorrhagic stroke at the age of 36. Emergency brain surgery saved my life, but even after two weeks at University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s Neuro ICU, and four more at Drake Center, I still couldn’t read, write, talk or walk. Outpatient therapy helped a lot, but I wanted more. I was determined to get my life back. I wanted to travel with my husband, drive my car, read novels again and exercise. About eight months after my stroke, I joined Drake’s START program. For the first time, I had a group of experts to assess my progress and guide my next steps. They gave me access to therapies and technologies that I just hadn’t found anywhere else, and most importantly, helped me plan my long-term recovery. It has been two years since my stroke, and thanks to the START team at Drake, I continue to accomplish new goals every day.”




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