Linda and Leo Dunnigan’s Story

“I was in a car accident on December 22, 2001, in Indiana. It was during an ice storm. I suffered a serious spinal cord injury and spent six months at Drake, learning ways to adapt to the new challenges I faced as a C6 quadriplegic. What I found most encouraging about all the therapists is that they were so positive and willing to explain things to Leo and me. Every day as I started therapy, they’d say, ‘Let’s try it again and see how much better we can do.’ Leo and I realized how seriously we needed a support group and how flustered we were without one. Drake gave us the approval to organize BrightSide for spinal cord injury survivors and caregivers. We all support each other.”
Drake Center was saddened to learn of the passing of Linda Dunnigan on September 2, 2012. Both Linda and Leo have been the backbone of Brightside, organizing speakers and presentations each month to improve the quality of life for those with spinal cord injuries and their caregivers. Leo continues to actively work with the group.


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