Mycle Brandy’s Story

Drake is an active and vital organization that works closely with community partners such as the America Heart/Stroke Association (AHA) and the National Stroke Association.

In 2010, AHA’s “Train to End Stroke” participant, Mycle Brandy, walked across the United States to raise awareness and funds for the American Stroke Association and provide hope and encouragement for other stroke survivors around the world. The journey began in Orange County, California on Mycle’s 59th birthday and took eight months to complete. He walked 14 miles per day, six days a week, proving that four strokes is not a reason to call it quits!

While passing through Cincinnati, Mycle stopped at Drake Center to visit stroke survivor Dale Pennington. After two strokes and two heart attacks, Dale came to Drake to Reclaim his health. Mycle Brandy’s unexpected visit gave him a whole lot more. This newfound friend and fellow stroke survivor restored his hope.

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