Zetta’s Story: Second opinion leads to minimally invasive surgery

ZettaZetta Cox is one of the lucky ones when it comes to lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in the United States.

“Zetta had a Stage 2 cancer that had not metastasized; it hadn’t spread to her lymph nodes,” says Valerie Williams, MD, a thoracic surgeon at West Chester Hospital. Based on the state of her cancer, Dr. Williams felt that surgery would be the most effective treatment for Zetta.

Zetta, 75, had surgery in June, 2013, and says she was relieved she found a physician skilled in the minimally invasive approach. At first, a doctor recommended a traditional operation where the ribs are spread and cut to reach the lung. She sought a second opinion at West Chester Hospital where Dr. Williams suggested a minimally invasive technique.

Through early detection, and after minimally-invasive surgery at West Chester Hospital, her cancer was removed and she was back in her Mason home in three days with a good prognosis for a complete recovery. Doctors say she likely won’t need chemotherapy.

“They are pretty comfortable they removed all of the cancer,” says Cox. “I have so much faith in my doctors and they have been very reassuring to me and the family. At church, everyone was amazed. They said, ‘Well, you only missed a couple Sundays!’”

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