UC Medical Center Celebrates with Heart

Peter Anderson of the Greater Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce joined UC Medical Center leaders today for some surgical cutting-although no bodies were involved, just ribbon.

UC Medical Center unveiled their newly renovated Cardiovascular Recovery Unit earlier today. The new area was created to better serve patients providing a private, patient and family centric atmosphere. The area is designed to adapt to the changing needs of the patient and support all areas of invasive and non-invasive diagnostic care. Patients can be easily observed with the nurse’s work stations relocated to keep them closer to the patient rooms and easy accessibility when needed. The new design will assist with rapid emergency interventional cardiac and vascular procedures.

Dr. Andrew Friedrich of the UC Health Cardiovascular Institute states, “This beautiful recovery area is one of a series of construction projects that over the next 18 months will elevate cardiovascular care at UC Health to a new level of excellence. This space is the physical embodiment of many of the goals of the Cardiovascular Institute.  It is patient-centric and intelligently designed to be flexible and multipurpose in its function, it is strategically located, and it meets the needs of multiple Cardiovascular centers of excellence, not just one.  Most importantly, we want our patients to know that cardiovascular care is an institutional priority at UC Health.

There are 14 recovery rooms and 2 outpatient procedural bays. Each room has a large window, its own bathroom facilities (with dialysis hook up), electronic medical record and cardiac monitoring. The unit is located in close proximity to the cardiac catheter and Electro-physiology labs allowing for quick and easy access to a cardiologist.

The outpatient procedure areas provide a comfortable atmosphere for patients requiring same day therapies such as ultrafiltration or IV therapy. Diagnostic and interventional procedures such as cardio version and echocardiography can also be performed in this area.

Friedrich spoke of the role of institutes and how they are created specifically to align the college of medicine and UC Health in their efforts and focus on a complete body system (such as the nervous or cardiovascular system) or a multisystem disease (such as diabetes or cancer).  They are comprised of multiple Centers of Excellence (COEs), which address specific diseases.  In the Cardiovascular Institute, for example, COEs include the Ischemic Heart disease COE, the Heart Failure COE, the Arrhythmia COE to name a few.

Friedrich added, “This is an exciting time to be doing cardiovascular care and research at UC Medical Center, and it’s appropriate that we celebrate this latest accomplishment of our mission.”

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