Making Your First Appointment

Every Wednesday, The UC Pancreatic Disease Center offers clinical consultations for patients by appointment. We welcome both inpatient and outpatient referrals. Patients are welcomed to schedule appointments without a physician referral.

What To Bring To On Your First Appointment

When you arrive to the UC Health Pancreatic Disease Center (located in the UC Health Barrett Center), you will be requested to sign a Release of Medical Information if you have not been referred by your attending physician or specialist. The Release of Medical Information will allow our facility to contact your attending doctor to request your pertinent medical records. These medical records are important in the development of your individual treatment.

If you have been referred by a physician, we will have already requested these records and you will not need to sign a Release of Medical Information.

If you are part of an Insurance Network and will be submitting claims to your insurance provider, remember to bring your actual insurance card. We will photocopy your insurance information and provide it to our facility’s billing department. Always consult with your insurance provider for your benefits.

It is strongly recommended prior to the appointment to compile a list of your current medication you are taking. Bring this medication list to your first appointment.

Finally, bring your most recent CT scan of your abdomen. We will need the actual x-ray film. An x-ray report is not sufficient enough. Our specialists want to actually view your current x-ray and make suggestions and recommendations of treatment based on their viewings. In some medical offices, doctors are able to prepare your x-ray records onto a disc. We are able to review a x-ray presented in the disc format. Feel free to bring your x-rays on film or disc.

What To Expect On Your First Appointment

Your first appointment, most often, will be consultative in nature. The appointment will be approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour in length. You are requested to arrive at a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete the required patient paperwork. You are always welcome to bring a family member or friend to your appointment. Some our patients express having a family member or a friend with them during the appointment find it helpful and supportive in nature.

During your appointment, you will be seen by one of our nurses and attending physicians. Your vitals will be taken and a health history will be compiled.

The health history will include (information listed not intended to be all exclusive):

  • Family history of cancer
    • Think beyond your immediate family. Family history refers to the history of parental siblings, great grandparents, and other blood relatives, not just your immediate family.
  • Review of current medications.
    • Dosage and frequency is extremely helpful.
  • Documentation of previous surgeries.
    • A list of dates and procedures prepared in advance may be beneficial.

After the health history, your nurse will answer any questions you or family members may have during the appointment. Additionally, your nurse will also assist you in coordinating any future clinical appointments, scheduling any necessary procedures, as well as offer you after hour numbers in the event of an emergency.

The attending physician will conduct a physical exam, review your records, and address your concerns. During the first visit, your attending physician may request various blood tests, including pancreatic enzyme level and liver functions. Your attending physician may also request tumor markers.

Our highly trained physicians and our outstanding nursing staff are here to answer your questions and concerns. Our team of physicians, nurses, and support staff are specialists in the treatment of patients with pancreatic diseases. Our number one priority is to deliver outstanding, compassionate care to patients with pancreatic tumors and pancreatitis. We strive to improve your life through innovative clinical and basic research in pancreatic disease.

  • Appointments

    To schedule an appointment, call (513) 584-8900.