Physician Referrals

Every Wednesday, The UC Pancreatic Disease Center offers clinical consultations for patients by appointment. We welcome both inpatient and outpatient referrals. If you are a patient wishing to make an appointment, click here. If you are a physician referring a patient, click here.

Physician Referral

If you are the attending physician for a patient with pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer, referral is easy. Call The UC Pancreatic Disease Center at 513-584-CURE (2873) to schedule an appointment. If you are a patient seeking an appointment, click here to see how you can arrange for a consultation or appointment.

Referral Information

The following information may be necessary to assist our specialists when your referred patient attends the first visit.

  • Reason for Referral
  • Applicable Insurance Information; Company Name & Phone Number
  • A Current Medication List, if available
  • A Medical History Outline
  • Current CT Scan of Abdomen; Actual Film and the Reports

On many occasions, pertinent records relevant to your patient may be sent by FAX. In some situations, other information will be necessary. Our administrative coordinator will gladly guide you through the referral process and assist you in providing the information needed by our specialists to to treat your patient.

General Contact Information

The UC Pancreatic Disease Center UC Barrett Cancer Institute 234 Goodman Street PO Box 670772 Cincinnati, Ohio 45219 Phone: 513.584.CURE (2873) Fax: 513.584.0459

  • Appointments

    To schedule an appointment, call (513) 584-8900.