Our Approach

Rapid Adoption of Telehealth Supports Care Delivery

As innovators in the use of telehealth, UC Health focuses on the successful integration of telehealth technology into our care delivery model, economically and efficiently. Our clinicians are highly involved in the design and implementation of new programs, ensuring the needs of our patients are always at the forefront of our telehealth efforts.

Inspiring Growth in Telehealth Throughout the Health Care Community

Not only are we using telehealth technologies in new, smart ways across UC Health, our efforts are inspiring other major health care organizations across the United States to implement similar initiatives. We provide consultations to other health systems and co-sponsor the National Telehealth Conference with the UC College of Nursing. The National Telehealth Conference brings hundreds of health professionals to Cincinnati to experience the innovative programs we have in place and to learn from our clinical teams.

In 2015, UC Health and UC Academic Health Center partnered to launch the first-ever Care Delivery Innovation Competition, which is open to those within UC Health or the University of Cincinnati. Two teams will each win $20,000 awards, earmarked for future development of collaborative programs that fulfill the tripartite mission of clinical care, education and research.


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