Collapse at the Front Doors of ER

Fifty-year-old Christopher Casson had no known history of heart problems. But all of that changed when he started feeling an unusual deep burning in his chest. It moved into his armpit and down to his fingers which became numb. Casson felt agitated and began to sweat, despite the cold temperature.

His wife Millie, a nurse in intensive care at UC Medical Center, drove her husband to West Chester Hospital. By the time they arrived at the hospital, he felt fine. Regardless, they wanted to be sure he was okay so Millie dropped Christopher off at the Emergency Room entrance while she quickly parked her car. When she started walking back to the entrance doors, she could see that her husband was lying on the floor surrounded by the ER staff which sprang into action and began doing CPR and two rounds of defibrillation (controlled electric shock to allow normal heart rhythm to return).

Casson was rushed to the operating room soon thereafter. Immediate care provided by the West Chester Hospital team helped Casson survive the incident that left him without long-term complications—an unusually lucky ending to a frightening incident.

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