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  • Meet Angela Fitch, MD

  • Watch Steve's Story

    My name is Steve, and I chose four years ago to do weight loss surgery with UC Health. Although I had been a master dieter with almost every plan, I had failed. Finally, I was failing for what I felt was the last time, so I decided weight loss surgery was the option I needed to take. 

  • Watch Michele's Story

    I was starting to have so much trouble walking that I actually thought I was going to end up in a wheelchair. So I said, [...]

  • Watch Larecees's Story

    Larecees has lost more than 40 pounds through the non-surgical weight loss program at the UC Health Weight Loss Center.

  • Watch Aaron's Story

    Aaron has lost more than 115 pounds since weight loss surgery with the UC Health Weight Loss Center.

  • Watch Erika's Story

    Erika has lost more than 80 pounds since starting her weight loss journey with the UC Health Weight Loss Center.

  • Watch Stephanie's Story

    Stephanie has lost more than 50 pounds since beginning the UC Health Weight Loss Center's non-surgical program.

  • New App Helps Manage Menopausal Symptoms

    The first-ever menopause mobile app is now available for download! MenoPro, launched by the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) and developed by researchers at Brigham [...]

  • Watch Jim and Kristina's Story

    I struggled with my weight since I was about 13, and in 2013, I decided to have lap band surgery. I've lost 105 lbs. since I've had the surgery. 

  • Watch Lori's Story

    I'm ecstatic with my decision. I would recommend it to anyone.