MRI at West Chester Hospital

Offering relief to claustrophobic and plus-size patients, our advanced MRI scanners are designed for comfort.

West Chester Hospital’s Vantage Titan™ MRI uses the most advanced technology available to generate images that are unsurpassed in resolution and clinical detail. A revolutionary design, spacious bed and noise reduction technology make testing more manageable for patients.

Ultra-Short Bore MRI

The newest in imaging technology, the “ultra short-bore” MRI features a redesigned magnet – the large ring in which a patient lies for the scan – with a wider opening and a shorter ring that does not completely enclose the patient. These unique features make testing more manageable for claustrophobic and plus-size patients, while providing sharper images than an open MRI.

Pianissimo™ Noise Reduction Technology

While a traditional MRI creates a grinding sound rated louder than a city bus, WCH’s MRI produces a tapping sound that is slightly louder than normal conversation. Our MRI utilizes a combination of techniques to reduce noise levels up to 90%, increasing your comfort and reducing anxiety during scans. We recognize that patients at ease lead to greater success in capturing images. Clearer images in turn lead to more accurate diagnoses for our patients..

Non-Contrast Imaging

Along with maximum comfort, our top-of-the-line MRI uses high performance applications to ensure quicker exam times and enhanced image quality. With this technology, radiologists are able to safely perform high-resolution magnetic resonance angiography (MRA) – images of the blood vessels – without the use of contrast agent, which is a substance injected or consumed by the patient allowing soft tissue to show up in the images.

Atlas Speeder™ Head Coil Base

Another accommodation for claustrophobic patients is the new Atlas Speeder™ head coil base – an attachment that stabilizes and scans the patient’s head during an MRI. The Atlas provides an open view and has detachable parts that provide more comfort and freedom to even the most claustrophobic patients.

Combined with our compassionate and experienced staff, the advanced technology offered by West Chester Hospital makes every MRI experience less stressful and more comfortable.

We offer vascular, brain, neurological, musculoskeletal, spine, pancreatic, breast, cardiac, non‐contrast runoffs, and dynamic renal and liver studies. Evening hours are available. Talk with your doctor about having your MRI at West Chester Hospital, or if you have a physician order already, call 513-585-TEST (8378) to schedule an appointment.

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