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Health Coaching

coachingOur health and wellness coach works with patients to envision, accomplish, and sustain healthier and fuller lives. Our coach accompanies you as you seek greater well being in areas of health, relationships, personal growth, and self-care regardless of actual or potential health conditions. This supportive alliance between you and your coach is aimed at empowering patients to achieve sound and balanced states of heart, mind, body and spirit.

Questions to ask about considering a health & wellness coach:

  • Are you experiencing a serious health problem such as cancer, heart disease or diabetes?
  • Concerned about your life now or in the future?
  • Perhaps you feel unsettled about your quality of life as you face the second half of life or you are dealing with a life transition or loss?
  • Maybe you feel you are not living life to its fullest.
  • Imagine finding strength within yourself to focus on you in a way that brings balance and quality to the many facets of your life.

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