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Breast Health

Knowledge is a powerful tool

Breast health begins with YOU. Knowledge of your own body is often your most powerful weapon against breast cancer. That’s why it’s so important that you perform monthly breast self exams—so you’re aware of what’s normal for you, and you know right away when something isn’t. Getting regular clinical breast exams (ages 20+) and screening mammograms (ages 40+) are other essential ways to ensure your breasts are healthy. And if a lump is found, try not to panic. 80 percent of breast lumps are not cancerous.

You still have a lot of living to do

Breast HealthFor women who are diagnosed with cancer, we know it can be overwhelming to say the least. You may feel bombarded with information that leaves you with more questions than answers. Worst of all, thoughts about your own mortality come into question. Even though your head may be swirling, try to bear in mind that there are many different types of breast cancer and many different treatment options. Armed with an expert medical team, supportive family and friends, and the education to make sound health decisions, you have a very good chance of long-term survival.

Our approach

We use a team approach to help our patients. By doing so, we’re able to treat the “entire” patient. We also know how important things like good nutrition, emotional support and exercise are to your overall health. That’s why, in addition to your core medical team (radiologists, surgeons, oncologists and nurses), we also include key ancillary providers (behavioral health, nutrition, integrative medicine, sexual health and menopause specialists) when developing individualized treatment plans. Together, they thoughtfully consider all medical and holistic options, taking into account your personal preferences.

Conditions we treat

  • Benign breast disorders
  • Breast cancer

Our services

  • Breast cancer survivorship program
  • Imaging (our radiologists are full-time dedicated breast imagers):
    • Breast biopsy and localization
    • Ductography/galactography
    • Mammography
    • MRI
    • Tomosynthesis—coming soon to UC Health West Chester
    • Ultrasound
  • On-site medical oncologist works in collaboration with UC Physician radiologists
  • On-site ancillary providers (behavioral health, nutrition, integrative medicine, sexual health and menopause specialists) with a special interest in breast health
  • Two on-site dedicated breast surgeons


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