Women's Center

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Services Covered by Annual Administrative Fee

Listed below are patient services we routinely provide that are deemed non-medically necessary and are not covered by insurance plans or Medicare.

  • Filling out forms or writing letters for you at your request (includes work and school absence excuse letters, pre-employment forms, health club medical clearance forms, letters to airlines, family medical leave forms, forms for disability parking stickers, extended care facility applications, etc.)
  • Physician phone consultations and assistance, including calling in prescriptions and prescription refills when you are traveling out of town or in management of an urgent health problem when you are offered an appointment but decline to come to the office
  • Writing, calling in or faxing prescriptions to mail-order pharmacies
  • Writing and refilling prescriptions, when these services are done for you without an appointment
  • Prior authorization for medications and tests
  • Writing letters and/or phoning your insurance company on your behalf:
    • To appeal denied claims for services provided by this office or other offices, or for laboratory services or imaging studies
    • To petition for coverage of uncovered drugs, services, diagnostic testing or procedures, and for requests for evaluations by out-of-network physicians outside of Cincinnati
  • Social service and home-care assistance, such as arranging for at-home or in-hospital, private-duty nursing services; arranging for delivery of durable medical equipment; arranging for delivery of meals on wheels; and filling medication sets for you in our office, when not in conjunction with an appointment
  • Family meetings and consultations not in conjunction with a patient appointment