Prenatal Care and Parenting Groups Improve Birth Outcomes

In several clinical trials of the CenteringPregnancy® conducted by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the CenteringPregnancy® model found that group participants received better prenatal care, had fewer preterm births, were more likely to initiate breastfeeding, and had better prenatal knowledge than those receiving usual care.

 Prenatal Care Through Nine Months

Groups are an entirely different experience, for both patient and care provider, than individual appointments. Groups are extremely effective in helping people meet their goals and providing support.  It can help:

  • Improve understanding as members share common life experiences
  • Build community
  • Develop positive peer influences
  • Increase motivation to learn and change
  • Problem-solving skill development

  Well-Woman and Well-Baby Care Through the First Year

Well-Woman Care Well-Baby Care
Postpartum care
Family Planning
Mental Health
Oral Health
Relationships, Safe Sex
Infant Attachment
Life Balance
Achieve weight goals
Infant growth and development
Oral Health
Safety: Car Seats, Childproofing
Motor Skills, Milestones

 CenteringPregnancy® Group Environment

The group environment is a place to ask questions, offer and receive advice, help yourself and others find answers, express concerns in a supportive environment, share joys and meet other expectant mothers. What you can expect:

  • 10 two‐hour group sessions with other expectant mothers in similar gestational age
  • Your provider participates in the group
  • Learn about pregnancy and be better prepared for your birth experience
  • No wait time, group starts and ends on time
  • Learn tips to help you care for your baby
  • Be more involved in your healthcare

 What Women Are Saying About CenteringPregnancy®

 “The other women in the group became another group of friends for me.”

“I’d say the community building has been the most satisfying thing to see among patients and it has been the most satisfying thing for me, personally, because you become included in that community as well.”

“I’m learning that it doesn’t matter what the group doesn’t talk about because we’re talking about what matters to the group.”


 Contact Jen Boyers, RN, BSN, C-EFM, Nurse Clinician, CenteringPregnancy®  Coordinator, (513) 584-8220

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