UC Health Trauma Care

The Region’s Highest Level of Trauma Care

When life is at stake — from a fall, motor vehicle crash or other traumatic injury — the Trauma team of UC Health snaps into action with the fastest and most extensive critical care in the region.

We are the region’s only verified Adult Level I Trauma Center. That means the right mix of specialists and medical resources the patient needs is available at a moment’s notice. The team is already here at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center 24/7 — not “on their way” — which gives our patients the best chance of survival. The Level III Trauma Center team at West Chester Hospital extends our ability to deliver life-saving care. They serve our northern Cincinnati community with the same physicians that serve University of Cincinnati Medical Center’s Level I Trauma Center.

Reaching the Community

Trauma is a leading cause of death for people under the age of 44. If it touches you or a loved one, our quick and comprehensive care can prevent the loss of life or limb. You benefit from the full spectrum of trauma services — from the pre-hospital phase when we coordinate with emergency responders at the scene, through the rehabilitation process, as patients adjust to limits caused by injury and are on the road to return to normal functioning.

We also study how injuries happen, to find ways to prevent them. We use that information to develop prevention and outreach programs that encourage smart actions and safe behaviors that will keep your loved ones out of harm’s way.

Trauma Survivors Network at UC Health

The Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) is a national community of patients and families looking to connect with one another after a serious traumatic injury. Joining this community can help ease the anxiety and frustration often experienced following a sudden injury and the resulting hospitalization, by connecting you with other trauma survivors and families who face the same unique challenges.

UC Health, in partnership with the American Trauma Society (ATS), is committed to supporting and growing the TSN locally by providing the tools trauma patients and families need to navigate the road to recovery and to help improve and rebuild their lives.

Becoming part of the TSN is easy to do- just visit the TSN website. The website provides practical information on injuries and how they are treated. It also provides you with information about additional programs and services which may be available at the hospital. By learning more and connecting with others, you can make a difference in how you feel and better manage your life after injury. You are not alone!

Become a Member of the UC Health Trauma Survivor’s Network

  • Trauma Hotline

    The UC Medical Center Trauma Hotline can be reached at:
    (513) 584-6048

    The West Chester Hospital Trauma Hotline can be reached at: (513) 298-8400

  • Stop the Bleed

    The University of Cincinnati Medical Center – Division of Trauma and Surgical Critical Care now offers Stop the Bleed courses for medical and non-medical personnel in the community to aid in injury prevention. The Stop the Bleed program builds national resilience by teaching the public life-saving bleeding control techniques to aid individuals in a variety of situations.

    This campaign targets preparedness as a shared responsibility of the government, private and nonprofit sectors and individual citizens. Through this campaign we hope to deliver better, safer and smarter care for our patients.

    If you would like to learn more about Stop the Bleed or schedule a training, please call 513-558-7820.