Statistics About UC Health Pharmacy That Might Surprise You

Oct. 23, 2019

One of the many teams at UC Health who plays an important role in patient care is pharmacy.

UC Health Pharmacy

UC Health Pharmacy provides high-quality care by ensuring safe and effective medication through collaboration, education, research and the use of technology to achieve positive outcomes for its patients and communities.

Here are some quick facts about UC Health Pharmacy:

  1. UC Health has four inpatient pharmacies at UC Medical Center, West Chester Hospital, Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care and Lindner Center of HOPE, as well as five outpatient pharmacies including Hoxworth Outpatient, Holmes Outpatient, Student Health, Specialty Pharmacy and West Chester Outpatient Pharmacy.

  2. Approximately 6,800,000 orders are verified annually across all inpatient pharmacy locations and approximately 310,000 prescriptions are dispensed across outpatient pharmacy locations.

  3. Research is an integral part of UC Health Pharmacy. There are more than 15 active research projects.

  4. In FY19, UC Health Pharmacy’s Medication Assistance and Transitions of Care team helped over 30,000 patients gain access to medications, which resulted in an overall impact of savings of $25.27 million dollars for patients we serve.

  5. UC Health currently has 14 pharmacy residents.  

Many consumers are not aware that pharmacists play a critical role in preventing medication errors, advising prescribers on the best drug choices, and working directly with patients to ensure they understand how to use their medications safely and effectively. Hospital and health system pharmacists have been able to take on enhanced patient-care roles because of a number of factors, including the deployment of highly-trained, certified technicians and new technologies like robots that dispense medications. As technology evolves, such as the addition of machine-readable codes to medication labels, patients have greater opportunities to have a pharmacist involved in their care.