Radioactive Plaque Therapy

Radioactive plaque therapy is used to treat tumors of the eye by placing radioactive seeds on the outside wall of the eye. Radiation from the seeds kills the cancer. The seeds are removed after several days of treatment, usually 3–7 days.

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We are nationally recognized as a leader in research and world-class care for eye cancer. We are the only adult center in the region providing this type of innovative treatment.

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We offer hope to those with cancerous and noncancerous tumors in, on or around the eye. Through our innovative research, we offer personalized care plans based on your unique needs.

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Answers to Your Radioactive Plaque Therapy Questions

Radioactive plaque therapy works by placing radioactive seeds at the tumor site to treat the cancer. Treatment is short — usually five days — and because it is a targeted treatment, it helps spare vision and is not as demanding as other types of radiation.

This treatment works for patients with surface and intraocular tumors that are less than 200 millimeters. Conditions treated with radioactive plaque therapy include uveal melanoma, epibulbar eye conditions, squamous cell carcinoma, conjunctival melanoma, basil proliferative tumors and a number of other vascular conditions.

After this outpatient procedure, patients are able to wear a lead shield over their eye when the implant is in place so they can be with family and friends without exposing them to radiation. 

Risks include radiation damage to the retina or optic nerve. We take every precaution to minimize the amount of radiation exposure to other vital structures in the eye.

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Our team performs intraoperative ultrasounds to confirm plaque locations and ensure proper placement, increase accuracy and improve outcomes.

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As one of the oldest and busiest centers in the country providing radioactive plaque therapy, we have a 90% success rate and treat patients from across the region.

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