Vessel Repair and Reconstruction

Vessel repair and reconstruction is a surgical procedure to restore the function of damaged blood vessels and help improve blood flow.

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Our surgeons have subspecialized training in microvascular techniques. We work with rheumatology and vascular surgery specialists to provide the most innovative care and treatment in the region.

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Answers to Your Vessel Repair and Reconstruction Questions

Vessel repair and reconstruction helps restore normal blood flow and functions to the hand, reduces pain and helps improve the ability to heal. 

Blood vessel grafting can also be performed for patients experiencing ischemic conditions. 

This procedure is ideal for patients that have not had success treating their condition with medical management.

For patients with hypothenar hammer syndrome (caused by chronic injury to the blood vessels or arteries in the hand) and autoimmune disorders such as scleroderma or lupus, vessel repair and reconstruction can help improve their condition. 

In most cases, patients experience a 60–80% improvement in blood flow and pain reduction.

Why UC Health

Experience and Expertise

National Research, Local Care

At UC Health, our academic team members are active in national research studies to evaluate and determine the best ways to treat nerve injuries.

Team Approach

Our hand and upper extremity subspecialists work closely with hand therapists and occupational therapists to provide a seamless treatment program for patients to restore strength and movement and reduce pain.

24/7 Care and Treatment

We always have the ability to perform vessel repair and reconstruction surgeries thanks to round-the-clock microsurgical coverage in our operating rooms.

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We are committed to providing optimal care to your patient and open communication with you. We understand that as a referring physician, you need to be kept informed on your patient’s progress. That’s why we set up a toolbox to share detailed information about your patient’s health with you.

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