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Food for Thought: Boost your brain by eating more “super foods”

Contributed by Angela Fitch, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Director, Women's Center Metabolic Health & Weight Loss Program It’s mid-year and it may be time [...]

Patient Survives Stage III Melanoma Thanks to UC Cancer Team

David Witt, 61, says he’s always been quite active. Golf, tennis, running, cycling and Triathlons—there weren’t many outdoors sports activities in which he didn’t excel. [...]

Osteoporosis: The “Thin Bone” Disease: What Women Need to Know

Contributed by Abid Yaqub MD, FACE, FACP, ECNU, CCD The human adult body consists of 206 bones; all at maximum density around the age of [...]

Increase Daytime Light Exposure for Better Sleep at Night

Natural light is something that you wouldn’t think of when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep but that is exactly one of the [...]

Cancer Expert Says Seasonal Allergy Symptoms that Persist May Mean a Bigger Problem

Contact: Katie Pence (513) 558-4561 CINCINNATI—With allergy season upon us, many people may be suffering from a scratchy or sore throat, hoarseness and loss [...]