Improving Outcomes Through Grand Rounds

grand rounds

For practicing physicians, having access to the latest clinical and research findings is imperative. This is why UC Health providers, who are also faculty at the UC College of Medicine, attend continuing education opportunities like Grand Rounds, teaching conferences and visiting professor lectures.

Continuing medical education opportunities allow providers a chance to learn more about new and innovative procedures and technologies, current protocols, and the future of the healthcare industry.

These developmental opportunities, like weekly Surgical Grand Rounds, can help practitioners in transplant get new information – ultimately enhancing their skillsets on the job and in the operating room.

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Now We Join in Celebration

As we celebrate 50 years of providing excellence in transplantation, breakthrough treatments and compassionate coordination of care to the region, we invite you to join us in a 50-day countdown to the anniversary of the first surgery that launched Cincinnati’s most comprehensive transplant program.

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