Sandy Heimann

Board Chair
Community Member 

Jeff Wyler

Board Vice Chair
Community Member 

Gary D. Johns

Board Secretary
Community Member

Ronald D. Brown

UC Trustee

Kerry Bryne

Community Member

Kristian A. Gatewood

Community Member

Joanne E. Harris

Community Member

Karen M. Hoguet

Community Member


J. Carter McNabb

Community Member


Thomas E. Mischell

UC Trustee

Arthur M. Pancioli

UC Physician Doctor


Gregory Rouan, MD

UC Physicians Doctor



Richard Lofgren, MD

UC Health President and CEO
Ex-Officio Board Member Executive


Neville Pinto, PhD

University of Cincinnati President
Ex-Officio Board Member



Andrew T. Filak

Ex-Officio Member Dean, College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati


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