Supplier Diversity & Community Engagement

A Long-Standing Commitment to Partnering with Diverse Vendors

Since 2005, UC Health has spent more than $185 million* with certified diverse businesses. This spend was across 400 certified African-American, Hispanic, Indian-American and Women-Owned businesses within our community. We have raised the bar for inclusion on major construction projects in Greater Cincinnati by regularly achieving 40 percent inclusion of minority and women-owned sub-contractors.

Strengthening Local Economic Development

The goal of UC Health’s Supplier Diversity program is to increase the amount of goods and services purchased from certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and Women Business Enterprises (WBE). UC Health encourages and tracks direct spending with diverse suppliers and also tracks second-tier purchases made by prime suppliers with certified MBE and WBE vendors.

Our Philosophy on Supplier Diversity and Economic Inclusion

At UC Health, we believe that effectively leveraging the diversity of our workforce, patients, and the communities we serve is critical to success in our pursuit to be your preferred healthcare partner. Our commitment to incorporating diverse vendors into our service and supply chain is both important to the economic well-being of Greater Cincinnati and an integral part of our success. UC Health is focused on creating and increasing relationships with MBEs and WBEs. Our goal is to accomplish this through defined processes that simplify access into the UC Health vendor system for those MBEs and WBEs that can provide us with exceptional products and services. We take our commitment to increase our supplier diversity very seriously, and we manage it as we do any significant business initiative. A well-managed supplier diversity process represents a win for UC Health, you, and the entire community. As a health system that spends $338,000,000 annually on goods and services, UC Health recognizes the significant opportunity to spread economic opportunity more evenly across the region. I hope you will take this opportunity to learn more about the UC Health and how to do business with us. Sincerely, Robert Wiehe Vice President, Supply Chain Management & Economic Inclusion UC Health

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